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[Webinar] How to Make Your Private Cloud DevOps-Ready

By Sumeet Singh on June 13, 2016


Recent research from Everest Group found that three-quarters of all enterprises believe in leveraging concepts like Agile and DevOps to achieve competitive differentiation, expand market share and avoid obsolescence, yet most organizations struggle with DevOps adoption.

Everest Group survey with 220 North American and European enterprises with US$1billion or more in global revenue.

To be sure, implementing new software development processes like DevOps and CI/CD means giving application developers a more agile, responsive and efficient cloud infrastructure — and that’s great.

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But for cloud operators, delivering that infrastructure can be a BIG challenge.

As announced at the OpenStack Summit Austin in April, AppFormix and Rackspace have teamed up to tackle that challenge head on: Rackspace will use AppFormix cloud optimization software to help manage the scale and performance of its customers’ private clouds and enable customers to support VMs, bare metal deployment and containers with confidence.

private cloud OpenStack

This means users of OpenStack private clouds managed by Rackspace will be able to improve application performance and cloud agility with:

  1. Monitoring and analytics tools that give both application developers and cloud operators a shared, real-time view of performance, right down to the hardware layer.
  2. Capacity planning tools that help predict when and where additional resources will be needed, before constraints occur.


Want to learn more? Join AppFormix and Rackspace for a webinar on June 16 at 9 a.m. PDT.

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Rackspace Senior Director of Product Management, Private Cloud Bryan Thompson and I will present Making Your Private Cloud DevOps-Ready with Rackspace and AppFormix.

We will offer our insights into:

  • technical challenges that supporting DevOps presents for cloud operators,
  • how monitoring tools have evolved to support environments where software is developed, deployed, and iterated faster than ever,
  • what “service optimization” is all about, and how it can keep developers and operators on the same page, and
  • how Rackspace and AppFormix can help you prepare your organization for DevOps success.

We encourage you to participate if you are:

  • a developer helping your organization transition to agile methods,
  • an infrastructure architect responsible for designing private cloud environments,
  • an operator tasked with delivering a cloud consumption experience in partnership with developers, or
  • an enterprise IT leader who needs to know more about how to plan for a future of VMs, containers and bare metal.

Please join us! It will be a great way to learn more about how we’re making life easier for operators of private clouds in a DevOps world, and for the application developers consuming those resources.



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