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3 Applications to Increase Enterprise Cloud ROI

By Jennifer Allen on January 19, 2016

Sometimes optimizing your Enterprise Cloud and building those key tools to improve ROI take a back seat to firefighting and trouble shooting the complex problems of the Enterprise production environments.  All optimization opportunity is not lost, but sometimes a little tooling goes a long way in starting to take bites out of reaching those ROI and SLA goals.  For this purpose, don't discount the widget.  Read on to discover how these short and sweet real-time analysis widgets can provide huge insight into cloud infrastructure and save Operators' time and cloud budget.

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AppFormix Smart Alarms Integration with PagerDuty

By Weixu Zhuang on January 07, 2016
The AppFormix Analytics solution is a great way for operators to keep track of how workloads consume infrastructure resources in real-time.  But it’s not very practical to expect operators to constantly monitor their datacenter dashboard for abnormalities that would constrict application performance and decrease resource efficiency.  To circumvent this, we integrated PagerDuty into AppFormix Alarms for your AppFormix Analytics platform.
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