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How PayPal Runs the World's Largest Private OpenStack Cloud

By Chris Hamilton on December 08, 2015

 The PayPal/Ebay divorce became official July 17th earlier this year.  Seven months prior, PayPal Operators were commissioned to start the incredible task of surgically removing the PayPal Enterprise cloud and transplanting it to a brand new rack body.  Not only did their great cloud migration succeed, but PayPal’s OpenStack Enterprise Cloud is now the largest OpenStack cloud in the world.  Here’s how they did it.

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Maturing the Enterprise Cloud: Virtualization Field Day 6 Part 1

By Chris Hamilton on December 01, 2015
The Enterprise cloud is generally a naive and immature hybrid stack that has a long way to go before it can enable the rich, analytics-driven cloud experience that users and applications get when they run on public clouds like AWS and Google Cloud.  In the first Virtualization Field Day 6 Video, we discuss with the delegates how AppFormix is vital to build a mature Enterprise Cloud.
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Successful Fourth Quarter for OpenStack and AppFormix!

By Chris Hamilton on November 05, 2015

The start of the 2015 fourth quarter for OpenStack is off to a strong start, and AppFormix is honored to be a part of it!  The OpenStack Foundation had a successful release of the Liberty version of OpenStack. Liberty is the 12th release now and offers features key to the community such as container management, performance enhancements specifically for larger distributions, and  the Heat Orchestration project.  Right after this release, the OpenStack Foundation convened with almost 6000 of its builders, users, and followers for the 2015 OpenStack Summit Tokyo.  

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Join AppFormix at OpenStack Summit Tokyo

By Chris Hamilton on October 22, 2015
OpenStack Summit: Tokyo 2015 is just 4 days away! Excitement aside, we have so much to share with you about the event!
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OpenStack 2016 - What You Need to Know

By Sean Dunnigan on August 31, 2015

OpenStack Silicon Valley was this past week.  Some of the best and brightest in the field of open source virtualization came out with their take on the project’s future, the progress it has made over the past five years, and how it fits into the larger cloud industry as a whole. 

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3 Things We Learned at OpenStack Day Seattle

By Sean Dunnigan on August 21, 2015

The AppFormix team had the pleasure of attending and sponsoring OpenStack Day Seattle 2015. A huge shoutout to the CloudDon and Western Athletic Club for hosting a great event!

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