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Unlocking Performance in the DevOps Era

By Sumeet Singh on August 04, 2016

As OpenStack supporters and tire kickers convene in Mountain View next week at the Unlocked Infrastructure Conference (a.k.a. OpenStack Silicon Valley), it is Unlocked Performance that I will have on my mind. Lately I’ve become a zealous red-flag waver on this issue. In fact, I recently warned of a DevOps train wreck in an article in The New Stack, and I’d like to ring that warning bell again:

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Barcelona es Teva! Vote for Our OpenStack Summit Sessions

By Jennifer Allen on July 28, 2016

Barcelona es Teva! Vote for Our OpenStack Summit Sessions

Wow! 1500+ session proposals! Voting is open for the OpenStack Summit Barcelona, and “Barcelona es Teva” (Barcelona belongs to you!)! Take this opportunity to speak your mind: VOTE HERE

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Giving Operators What They Want: Choice and Stability With Kubernetes

By Sumeet Singh on July 20, 2016

The beauty of Kubernetes is that it essentially frees an application developer from having to worry about the underlying infrastructure upon which the app runs. If only we could give operators the confidence that Kubernetes will run on their platform of choice—from private infrastructure to public providers—and their host operating system of choice. Oh, and while we’re at it, let’s bundle in the additional operational tooling to monitor the health of Kubernetes itself.

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Out With the Old: Your Monitoring Tools Don’t Cut It Anymore

By Sumeet Singh on June 21, 2016

Until now, microservice application developers and infrastructure operators have been stuck with old monitoring tools designed for monolithic technologies, where it is common for schedulers to take several minutes to do their work.

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There’s More to Optimizing App Performance Than Maximizing CPU Availability

By Sumeet Singh on June 16, 2016

When running on software-defined infrastructure, applications share physical hardware resources. Resource contention on a host can lead to reduced and unpredictable performance of an application.

TL;DR… It does not matter how much CPU is available if workloads are competing for memory.
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Join AppFormix at DockerCon 2016

By Jennifer Allen on June 08, 2016

AppFormix is excited about the upcoming DockerCon Conference in Seattle! We hope you are excited too!

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Austin, OpenStack and the Momentum of Containers

By Sumeet Singh on May 10, 2016

UPDATE: Headline changed to reflect proper expression of energy around containers. Super stoked that so many people wrote me to suggest the change!

The barbecue is long gone and house band, Soul Track Mind, that entertained us during the keynotes has packed up their amps. Still, there’s one meal or one song (choose your metaphor) that we Stackers can’t get enough of: Containers.

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May is for Momentum

By Sumeet Singh on May 06, 2016

This spring has been crazy at AppFormix, and I mean that in the best possible sense. So many good things have come to fruition that it’s amazing to think that it was less than a year ago when we announced that AppFormix was exiting stealth mode with our solution for moving slow, sleepy monitoring technology into the service-optimization era.

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CNCF Springs to Action in Squaw Valley

By Travis Newhouse on April 07, 2016

Last week, I attended the first CNCF technical member meeting in Squaw Valley as part of the Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit 2016. At the meeting, I was pleased to announce AppFormix contributes a nightly CI test job to run an end-to-end test suite on Azure.As part of the effort, we also implemented cloud provider scripts to deploy Kubernetes on Azure. On top of that, I announced the launch of kube-health, a new project in collaboration with contributors from Google that will monitor the health of Kubernetes control plane services.

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Meet Your Noisy Neighbor, Container

By Parantap Roy on March 31, 2016

We’ve all had one at one point or another. Usually, the culprit is a person or a group of people who are misbehaving, acting out, and causing a ruckus in your neighborhood. Well, our development environments aren’t much different. The cloud is a shared environment, much like our neighborhoods. And while a noisy neighbor may inhibit rest, in the cloud it means something completely different. In the cloud workloads compete with each other for resources, it is typical to spin up 100s of containers on a single server. In this environment, contention is inevitable and performance suffers.

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