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The Next Big Thing for AppFormix is... Juniper

By Sumeet Singh on December 01, 2016


Today, we have some big news at AppFormix. Juniper Networks announced today its intent to acquire AppFormix. This is great news for our team, our customers and our technology.

Let me tell you why.

First, the alignment between our two organizations is remarkable. Juniper is focused on delivering agile, virtualized networking technologies to its telecom customers and other operators of large networks. At the heart of the NFV fabrics that power these networks are the VNFs that define the network services that customers deploy and operate. Those NFVs have to be monitored and managed, and AppFormix is the absolute best platform on the market to make this work in a scale-out, business-is-on-the-line environment. Together, AppFormix and Juniper can give customers the best possible NFV experience.

Secondly, both of our companies are deeply integrated with the OpenStack and Kubernetes communities. These technologies define how we’re able to support customers building and running public, private and hybrid infrastructures at scale. Together, AppFormix and Juniper can give OpenStack and Kubernetes operators an automated monitoring environment that’s built from the ground up for DevOps and developer agility.

Additionally, our software leverages big-data analytics and machine learning in a distributed architecture that puts the power of self-driving infrastructure at the core of most any cloud. AppFormix redefines the state-of-the-art in telemetry and management across software-defined infrastructure and application software layers. On top of all of this, real-time and historic monitoring, performance visibility and dynamic optimization features improve cloud orchestration, security, accounting and planning to users. That’s a perfect fit for how Juniper is positioning its offerings, and we’re thrilled to be the monitoring and automation platform that will power these offerings.

There’s one more reason: Culture. Both AppFormix and Juniper foster an environment of discovery and innovation that customers have come to rely upon. We’re both dedicated to delivering what’s next to our customers, and this deal makes that happen.

AppFormix will remain a Juniper brand and continue marketing the platform under that name. Current AppFormix customers will be served just as before, by the same team that’s been working with them all along, as the AppFormix team is becoming part of the Juniper team, working under the Office of the CTO.

In the weeks ahead, you’ll hear more about how AppFormix is playing a bigger role in the Juniper product line. But for now, we’re focused on what is certainly a big day for AppFormix. Our team built a great product, scored some great customers, and built a name for the brand in the marketplace. Today’s news is validation that people who know big, high-performance networks agree that what we’ve built is the right product for this moment in the evolution of cloud infrastructure, and we could not be happier to build the next chapter of AppFormix as part of the Juniper Networks organization.


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