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Seattle Abuzz after DockerCon

By Jennifer Allen on June 29, 2016


Seattle was abuzz last week. Docker created buzz with their announcement of adding orchestration to Docker 1.12, creating confusion and tension in the partner community by competing against Kubernetes and Mesos.

We created our own buzz with the launch of ContainerFlow, a product we’ve been working on to leverage new counters embedded in Intel’s latest chip generation. ICYMI, here’s a sampling of the news about ContainerFlow:

ContainerFlow wasn’t our only buzz. Caffeine was flowing at Caffe Ladro, courtesy of the AppFormix team, for Dockercon attendees who needed a morning fix.

At our booth, we provided demos to hundreds of visitors. While they were there, we conducted a survey, asking booth visitors, "What container orchestration platform do you use?" With 91 responses, the results are telling:


The dominance of Amazon ECS among Docker users is interesting, especially when compared to the 34% of respondents using either Mesos or Kubernetes. Docker Swarm, at 34%, highlights—perhaps—why Docker felt it prudent to push into the orchestration space, challenging the 74% of its users who rely on AWS, Kube or Mesos to manage Docker containers. It’s just a casual poll and shouldn’t be taken too seriously, but it is buzzworthy!

Finally, we wanted to share a link to this article by our CEO, Sumeet Singh that ran at TheNewStack during Dockercon, generating some buzz. It highlights the performance monitoring challenges that we’re working on, and that we need everyone in the industry to work on together if we’re going to keep DevOps on the tracks, moving forward.

Our next big event is OpenStack Days Silicon Valley in August. See you there!


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