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May is for Momentum

By Sumeet Singh on May 06, 2016

This spring has been crazy at AppFormix, and I mean that in the best possible sense. So many good things have come to fruition that it’s amazing to think that it was less than a year ago when we announced that AppFormix was exiting stealth mode with our solution for moving slow, sleepy monitoring technology into the service-optimization era.

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CNCF Springs to Action in Squaw Valley

By Travis Newhouse on April 07, 2016

Last week, I attended the first CNCF technical member meeting in Squaw Valley as part of the Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit 2016. At the meeting, I was pleased to announce AppFormix contributes a nightly CI test job to run an end-to-end test suite on Azure.As part of the effort, we also implemented cloud provider scripts to deploy Kubernetes on Azure. On top of that, I announced the launch of kube-health, a new project in collaboration with contributors from Google that will monitor the health of Kubernetes control plane services.

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AppFormix and Intel RDT Integration: Orchestrating Virtual Machines on OpenStack

By Parantap Roy on April 01, 2016

AppFormix, with the integration of its software set on the Intel Resource Director Technology (RDT), redefines cloud optimization through its cutting edge technology.

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Meet Your Noisy Neighbor, Container

By Parantap Roy on March 31, 2016

We’ve all had one at one point or another. Usually, the culprit is a person or a group of people who are misbehaving, acting out, and causing a ruckus in your neighborhood. Well, our development environments aren’t much different. The cloud is a shared environment, much like our neighborhoods. And while a noisy neighbor may inhibit rest, in the cloud it means something completely different. In the cloud workloads compete with each other for resources, it is typical to spin up 100s of containers on a single server. In this environment, contention is inevitable and performance suffers.

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Delivering Something Amazing with Intel

By Sumeet Singh on March 31, 2016

AppFormix has big news today. Working with Intel, we have integrated Intel Resource Director Technology into our software. This makes it possible —for the first time— to monitor and manage individual workloads at the processor level, in real-time.

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Join AppFormix at OpenStack Summit Austin

By Jennifer Allen on February 23, 2016

AppFormix is excited about the upcoming OpenStack Summit in Austin! We hope you are excited too!

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Talks to look forward to at OpenStack Summit Austin 2016

By Jennifer Allen on February 11, 2016

The OpenStack Summit Austin Schedule is up and we are excited to share must see talks from the AppFormix Team and other major OpenStack empowering companies. By the community and for the community, OpenStack Summits are the place to learn, share, and network over the future of cloud technologies and explore the projects that are going to get us there. 

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3 Applications to Increase Enterprise Cloud ROI

By Jennifer Allen on January 19, 2016

Sometimes optimizing your Enterprise Cloud and building those key tools to improve ROI take a back seat to firefighting and trouble shooting the complex problems of the Enterprise production environments.  All optimization opportunity is not lost, but sometimes a little tooling goes a long way in starting to take bites out of reaching those ROI and SLA goals.  For this purpose, don't discount the widget.  Read on to discover how these short and sweet real-time analysis widgets can provide huge insight into cloud infrastructure and save Operators' time and cloud budget.

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AppFormix Smart Alarms Integration with PagerDuty

By Weixu Zhuang on January 07, 2016
The AppFormix Analytics solution is a great way for operators to keep track of how workloads consume infrastructure resources in real-time.  But it’s not very practical to expect operators to constantly monitor their datacenter dashboard for abnormalities that would constrict application performance and decrease resource efficiency.  To circumvent this, we integrated PagerDuty into AppFormix Alarms for your AppFormix Analytics platform.
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How PayPal Runs the World's Largest Private OpenStack Cloud

By Chris Hamilton on December 08, 2015

 The PayPal/Ebay divorce became official July 17th earlier this year.  Seven months prior, PayPal Operators were commissioned to start the incredible task of surgically removing the PayPal Enterprise cloud and transplanting it to a brand new rack body.  Not only did their great cloud migration succeed, but PayPal’s OpenStack Enterprise Cloud is now the largest OpenStack cloud in the world.  Here’s how they did it.

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