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May is for Momentum

By Sumeet Singh on May 06, 2016


This spring has been crazy at AppFormix, and I mean that in the best possible sense. So many good things have come to fruition that it’s amazing to think that it was less than a year ago when we announced that AppFormix was exiting stealth mode with our solution for moving slow, sleepy monitoring technology into the service-optimization era.

Last June, with $7 million Series A funding from August Capital and a promising software product in beta, we made steady progress into the fall, meeting our goal of GA in Q3 and cementing a partnership with Mirantis. In Q4 we gained significant market traction at OpenStack Tokyo followed by a wire-to-wire lively product demonstration to the delegates of Virtualization Field Day.Turning the corner into 2016, we hit the gas and we aren’t looking back.

Well, on second thought, let’s take a quick peek at some of the highlights from the past two months!

In March, we announced that a successful integration of our technology with the Kubernetes container cluster management project, for public and private clouds including Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. Also in March, we announced a deal with Intel to integrate AppFormix software into Intel’s newest processor family, leveraging Intel RDT to manage workloads and containers at the processor level. Here’s a sample of the coverage:

Then in April at the OpenStack Summit Austin, Rackspace announced that it will license AppFormix software and integrate it into every OpenStack private cloud it sells, making Rackspace the first cloud service provider to deliver a new level of cloud optimization by offering complete workload isolation using Intel RDT.  

This news generated strong media coverage, which, in combination with well-coordinated presence in sessions and in the Marketplace, certainly boosted awareness of AppFormix significantly. Here’s a sample of the coverage:

And this just in: earlier this week, AppFormix received three Best of Interop awards at Interop in Las Vegas:

  • Best Startup
  • Best Cloud/Virtualization Product
  • the Grand Award (beating out favorites Cisco and VMware)

Last but not least, we’ve been named by MIT a finalist for the MIT CIO Symposium Innovation Showcase award. AppFormix will present at Innovation Showcase in Cambridge on May 18th.

The momentum at AppFormix is accelerating. New deals, new team members, new opportunities to show how anyone running VMs or containers can benefit from cloud optimization software that operates in real time, hand-in-hand with processor-level instructions.  In the weeks ahead, we have even more announcements, so stay tuned.


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