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Join AppFormix at OpenStack Summit Tokyo

By Chris Hamilton on October 22, 2015

OpenStack Summit: Tokyo 2015 is just 4 days away! Excitement aside, we have so much to share with you about the event!
Who are we?
What is there to learn?
Who is there to see?
How can you stay connected?
Well, we’ve got a few suggestions for those attending the Tokyo Summit. And for the folks staying home, you can get in on the front seat action at the AppFormix twitter or this blog!
Pro-Tip: If you are going to the summit, bookmark this post and check back for a sister post about awesome nearby sights to see and useful maps for Tokyo Summit visitors!
Get a personalized 1-on-1 Demo!
Who are we?
AppFormix is a cloud monitoring and analysis software and a proud sponsor of OpenStack. Our software runs on any cloud and makes it easy for operators to build application-agnostic environments in the modern cloud.
For all attending, visit us in the marketplace at booth T64 for a product demo, get a sassy, free t-shirt, and talk with us about the possibilities of the cloud.
Want a personalized demo or to see how AppFormix could help your cloud? Schedule a one-on-one demo one of our OpenStack architects.
Come by our booth anytime during marketplace hours and enter our daily prize raffle!
Marketplace hours:
Tuesday: 10:45am - 4:40pm     AppFormix prize: Godzilla Movie Collection (DVD)
Wednesday: 10:45am - 6:10pm     AppFormix prize: Wireless Nest Camera
Thursday: 9:00am - 2:00pm     AppFormix prize: Amazon Echo  +  RedHat giveaway!
Make sure to catch our CEO, Sumeet Singh in an interactive OpenStack Operators Panel about the future of OpenStack and the challenges of building reliable, scalable, and profitable clouds.
Thursday 1:30-2:20pm
The Panelists  - Edgar Magana (Workday), Joseph Sandoval (Lithium), James Downs (Walmart), Anant Kumar (PayPal), Sumeet Singh (AppFormix)
AppFormix will also join our partner Ansible for their Ansible Collaboration Day on Thursday, at the 11:00am session! Come see how AppFormix Analytics and Ansible make cloud deployment easy!
What is there to learn?
For those new to the name, OpenStack is the first and only widely used open source cloud computing platform. The OpenStack Summit is the biggest knowledge-sharing event for this community and any newcomers curious about the cloud and it's game-changing affects on the tech industry.
On interesting perspective about how the cloud changes the tech industry is addressed in:
Tuesday: 11:15am - 11:55am
This talk is about how to make OpenStack commercially viable and profitable for Service Providers. Lara and Suarez will talk about their own experience from the OpenStack early days to the present and give their insights and opinions on the OS future for service providers. They focus here on public and hybrid clouds.
Who is there to see?
For those interested in learning from real-world OpenStack use cases and users stories, there are some really good ones  at the summit.
Yahoo’s principal production engineer, Simon Chung, will be talking about how OpenStack works on their bare-metal cloud.  His talk will include hardware inventory and life cycle, and how Yahoo deals with Zone availability and management.
Tuesday  3:40pm - 4:20am
PayPal is hosting to separate talks about their OpenStack use. The first talk on Wednesday, talks about upgrading OpenStack in all product deployment environments.  The second talk will is a more specific panel-style talk.
Wednesday: 12:05pm - 12:45pm
Thursday: 4:30pm - 5:10pm’s senior architect, Jordan Neilson will also be making an appearance to disclose how the world’s largest online family and relations database and platform integrates OpenStack with Docker. specifically has the OpenStack Swift cluster on AWS and uses Docker as their primary deployment platform.
Thursday: 2:40pm - 3:20pm
How can you stay connected?
Stay tuned to this blog and the AppFormix twitter stream for more interesting events and things to learn at this the OpenStack Summit, Tokyo. 
If you have any summit even news or picture requests, send them to or tweet us @AppFormix and we will tweet back!



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