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CNCF Springs to Action in Squaw Valley

By Travis Newhouse on April 07, 2016


Last week, I attended the first CNCF technical member meeting in Squaw Valley as part of the Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit 2016. At the meeting, I was pleased to announce AppFormix contributes a nightly CI test job to run an end-to-end test suite on Azure.As part of the effort, we also implemented cloud provider scripts to deploy Kubernetes on Azure. On top of that, I announced the launch of kube-health, a new project in collaboration with contributors from Google that will monitor the health of Kubernetes control plane services.

The CNCF meeting was informative and engaging. Alexis Richardson and Chris Aniszczyk drilled down on topics including CNCF process and governance. With well over 25 attendees, there was plenty of interactive discussion from a varied group of participants.

A question for many of the members was how to collaborate with related groups. There are several core project areas that benefit multiple cloud native groups. For example, Sam Ramji of Cloud Foundry Foundation proposed that a Service Broker project is relevant to Cloud Foundry but also to cloud native ecosystems in general. Other questions included those around other core building blocks, such as storage and networking. How to solve this? We decided to form working groups within CNCF to look at these focus areas.

With the CNCF TOC having formed only two months ago, the CNCF is just getting started. Even still, it has moved quickly to announce its first project, Kubernetes, and define a project proposal process. I think face-to-face meetings are important for building trust and a community around CNCF, especially in the early days. I hope to see regular in-person meetings in the future.

Just in case you missed it, here are additional notes from the meeting:

The CNCF will soon announce a formal process for proposing a project for sponsorship by CNCF. The project proposal application is under review by the TOC. On the previous day, Alexis Richardson gave a presentation describing the types of projects that fit into CNCF. Yet to be determined is the lifecycle of a project within CNCF: when and by what criteria does a project graduate from the incubation period; and how does a project detach from CNCF.

The following members shared demos around their cloud native work:

  • Wolfgang Ries, Fujitsu, presented Open Service Catalog Manager. This software provides a self-service marketplace to deploy services in a cloud native environment.
  • Cameron Brunner, Univa, demonstrated how NavOps automatically scales infrastructure based on the demands of applications. Using a sample rule-based policy, additional Kubernetes compute nodes were deployed in a public cloud to increase capacity when application load exceeded a threshold on the private nodes.
  • Pini Reznik, Container Solutions, demonstrated minimesos, which provides a containerized deployment of Mesos for local development and testing.

Great first meeting. I’m looking forward to the next CNCF meeting and continued collaboration.


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