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Cloud Native Infrastructure for Cloud Native Applications

By Sumeet Singh on August 12, 2015

Enterprise IT infrastructure is evolving rapidly. The question is no longer private or public cloud—the future is hybrid. Add to this the emergence of  ‘cloud native applications’ on the enterprise cloud, and you need a new stack to enable the future data center. OpenStack is what the next data center runs on and is the centerpiece of the enterprise hybrid cloud.

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AppFormix and Mirantis are Partnering to Optimize Enterprise Cloud Computing

By Sumeet Singh on July 28, 2015

We've got some exciting news today!

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AppFormix Has Liftoff!

By Sumeet Singh on June 09, 2015

Today we are pleased to formally announce AppFormix. We’ve been keeping things mostly under wraps as we’ve been building the product and the company, but we’ve recently been drawing back the curtain at events like the OpenStack Summit in Vancouver. The goal is to address the challenges of running applications on a shared infrastructure. Our software makes cloud operations easy so operators and developers can get off the resource utilization treadmill based on trial and error.

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Navigate Cloud Infrastructure with AppFormix

By Sumeet Singh on May 18, 2015

Cloud computing is coming of age to make data centers more efficient.  This ongoing journey to IT as a utility promises better ROI for existing infrastructure and more efficient business going forward.

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The Case for Better Cloud Infrastructure

By Sumeet Singh on February 17, 2015

Cloud technology originally came of age to make data centers more efficient -- giving IT and developers a more granular set of performance and functionality tools: Give enterprise workloads better control of networks, servers, storage, virtualization, and presto -- the cloud pays off.

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