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AppFormix is Partnering with Canonical

By Sumeet Singh on August 18, 2015

AppFormix Juju

AppFormix is proud to be participating in Canonical’s Charm Partner Program. As most readers are probably familiar with, the Charm Partner Program helps complementary products such as AppFormix make the best use of Canonical’s universal service modelling tool, Juju. This partnership is great news for customers and service providers as Ubuntu is the world’s most popular platform for OpenStack deployments and the most commonly deployed guest operating system on major public clouds. Our strength is helping cloud operators and developers get the most from their infrastructure and now it’s a whole lot easier for Ubuntu users to get the insight and control needed to achieve that.

As we’ve written about before, cloud infrastructure is very complex. As you scale out your operations, that complexity becomes harder and harder to manage. Unreliable application performance in-production and inefficient infrastructure utilization become two of the largest problems for operators of large datacenters.

Ubuntu is the world’s most popular platform for OpenStack deployments and the most commonly deployed guest operating system on all major public clouds. By joining Canonical’s Charm Partner Program, AppFormix will be able to provide Ubuntu users the monitoring and control capabilities necessary to effectively manage complex cloud infrastructure.

By empowering operators to better manage infrastructure, less time and effort will be spent in tedious troubleshooting procedures that fractions the efficiency of migrating to the cloud. To learn more about Canonical’s partner programmes, including the Charm Partner Programme, I suggest reading To read the press release regarding our partnership with Canonical, visit:

We’ll keep readers updated on this partnership as it develops, including when we will be available for procurement via the Charm Partner Program.


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