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3 Applications to Increase Enterprise Cloud ROI

By Jennifer Allen on January 19, 2016


Sometimes optimizing your Enterprise Cloud and building those key tools to improve ROI take a back seat to firefighting and trouble shooting the complex problems of the Enterprise production environments.  All optimization opportunity is not lost, but sometimes a little tooling goes a long way in starting to take bites out of reaching those ROI and SLA goals.  For this purpose, don't discount the widget.  Read on to discover how these short and sweet real-time analysis widgets can provide huge insight into cloud infrastructure and save Operators' time and cloud budget.

AppFormix has integrated a new widgets feature that is now available in the AppFormix Optimization Platform.  Whether you are using AppFormix or not, below are 3 great tooling applications that use widgets in key ways to improve cloud infrastructure ROI and make troubleshooting easier.

1) Evict Host Squatters and Encourage Better Tenancy

Users and applications that cause resource contention and emergency workload migration by overusing resources are not the only troublemakers in the enterprise cloud.  What about the host squatters?  A host squatter is a user or application that spins up or allocates larger than necessary instances that they largely ignore. Wasted resources have a way of building up over time.  For example, when PayPal was separating from Ebay and cleaning house, PayPal found that over 40% of VMs in their production cloud were going unused! Imagine the savings of a simple tool that could incentivise even half of those users to be better tenants!  A widget is perfect for this application because it is a small non-offensive, but pervasive component, in a dashboard that can be quickly viewed and understood.   And if you are using widget tooling like that in AppFormix, you can connect that widget to a notification service like PagerDuty to inform that squater to "use it or loose it" (in a polite way of course).  Releasing horded resources makes a huge difference in your wallet, for both long term and short term savings.

2) Organize Your Infrastructure Awareness

There are times when an Operator is firefighting and needs situation context fast.  There are other times when an Operator is just checking up on decently performing environments.   There are times in between when Operators suspect trouble might be down the road, but want to check to be safe.  For all these situations, it is very helpful if Operators have an organized view of their resources.  Widgets are great for this because you can just have all the resources for one project on one graph.  You view all the usage metrics for one application in one go.  Operators can even have performance metrics for general host aggregates in one place.  This kind or widget is super simple to throw together and use - if you have all the analytics for it (which is what AppFormix is here for if you don't).

3) Don't Waste Time Babysitting Problem-Children

Finally, we get to the bane of all Operators, the problem-child servers.  Those finicky, delicately configured, unique servers that can still be found in almost every Enterprise Private Cloud somewhere.  While thankfully it is predicted that these problem-kids are on their way out as large Enterprise Clouds are moving to commodity hardware as part of hybrid cloud strategies, they still sink boat-loads of time for Operators.  Why not just have all their primary hardware-level performance indicators in one view?  For example, to throw together a widget for your problem-child server using AppFormix Analytics, all you have to do is select the widget chart type and track the SMART HDD or SMART SSD metrics you want.  Integrate the widget with notification, not for crashes, but for performance issues or telltales that the server is about to throw a fit, and you have saved time and money and sanity by preventing a crash, without the babysitting.

In the AppFormix cloud optimization toolbox, we have integrated widgets seamlessly with role-based cloud infrastructure analytics.  This toolbox works for any OpenStack or Kubernetes distribution.  If you are not yet using AppFormix analytics, you should not tolerate trickles of isolated data from your tooling.  Use something that allows you not only to find the proverbial haystack needle, but get the real, big picture perspective about what exactly happened!


What it comes down to is that Operators and Developers need the right tools to do their job and get applications and information to customers and business units who need them.  If you don't have the proper tooling for your Private or Hybrid cloud, or your tooling doesn't integrate with your OpenStack distribution, try using a software that does - Get a free trial of the AppFormix Optimization Platform.

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